The price per entry is £125 + VAT. The entry fee is only payable once you have submitted your entry. Please see the rules and guidelines here.

Let us know you are planning to enter by completing this form and we will send you a reminder as the deadline approaches.

The final deadline for all entries is 5pm on Wednesday 13 February 2019.

  • Young Solicitor of the Year
    Open to any solicitors under the age of 35 who can demonstrate leadership & a commitment to tackling industry-wide issues.
  • Trainee of the Year
    Are you already on the path to technical legal excellence and exhibiting entrepreneurial tendencies & wholehearted dedication to clients? If so, then this award could be yours.
  • Conveyancing Team of the Year
    Judges here will be looking for innovation; high levels of client service and teamwork and relationship building.
  • Best Small Firm (1 – 50 Employees)
    A winning firm here will be demonstrating their strategic vision; impressive growth; exceptional client service with a strong future in store.
  • Best Medium-Sized Firm (50 – 100 Employees)
    Awarded to firms who can satisfy the judges that they are delivering across a range of criteria including recruitment; diversity; pioneering approaches and CSR efforts to benefit the wider community.
  • Best Large Firm (100 Plus Employees)
    You may have a large amount of resource and backing at your disposal but it’s how you use those that counts – demonstrate where you have exceeded expectations and delivered above and beyond.
  • Innovation and Best Use of Technology
    The trick is not identifying new technology but integrating the new deployments into your practice in such a way as to deliver defined benefits.
  • Best Client Care Programme
    Have you expended a lot of thought, effort and time in addressing your client care? This award will be won by a firm that shows consistency of approach, alongside flexibility and delighted clients.
  • Best Diversity and Equality Programme
    Are you proud of your track record of recruiting, retaining and promoting diverse talent? If so, then celebrate your successes by entering this category.
  • Legal Education Provider of the Year
    As a legal education provider show how you are adapting & responding to the needs of students and legal businesses in order to offer the very best educational programmes possible.
  • Best Professional Education and Training Programme
    This is the category for a specific programme that has delivered above and beyond expectations.
  • Best Pro Bono Programme
    Demonstrate the benefits your Pro Bono work has had for your client / group of individuals / society at large to win this award.
  • Best Niche Practice
    Have you trodden the specialist path to deliver great services for your clients in a discrete market? If so, this award is for you.
  • Best Private Client Practice
    Have you made strides in reinventing your private client practice for the digital age; innovated to help a specific client segment; exhibited exceptional levels of client service or battled on particularly noteworthy complex cases ? All of the above would qualify you to enter this award.
  • Best Family Law Practice
    Impact on common law; furthering access to justice; demonstrating exemplary teamwork and collaboration with external partners are all criteria that may be assessed in relation to adjudicating the winner for this category.
  • Best Property Law Practice
    If you have acted in a high profile property development or a number of developments that have benefitted local communities then enter this category.
  • Best Litigation Practice
    If you are an innovative litigator and also a skilled practitioner of ADR, arbitration and other methods then demonstrate these proficiencies here.
  • Best Employment Law Practice
    Judges here are looking for examples of technical brilliance in your employment law practice and high levels of client service and innovation alongside exceptional teamwork.
  • Best Commercial Law Practice
    As a commercial law practice you should be able to demonstrate how your firm flourishes in the legislation of commerce, merchandising, trade and sales.
  • Law Firm of the Year
    Awarded to the firm that can demonstrate excellence across a wide field of criteria including strategic vision; leadership; pioneering efforts; CSR; diversity and equality and exceptional client services.
  • Solicitor of the Year
    This outstanding achievement award will go to the individual solicitor who commands the respect of their peers and who can demonstrate consistently exemplary performance.


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